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About Us

Welcome to Absolute Chiropractic + WellnessAbsolute Chiropractic + Wellness was founded by Dr. Amy Foerster to offer family-oriented chiropractic care. Dr. Erica joined the practice in 2016, and also has a special interest in caring for entire families starting from birth. Our practice name reflects our commitment to helping patients achieve the absolute highest levels of health and wellness through chiropractic care.

Our Practice Philosophy

While we care for people of all ages, we believe that caring for infants and children will create healthier families, and a healthier community. We delight in empowering and educating even our youngest patients to become involved in their health and well-being, and to live a lifetime of wellness.

Helping Others Live Optimally

As family wellness is our goal, our ultimate hope for patients is to teach them and help them understand that the nervous system controls everything. When their body functions optimally they can be healthier people. We give them the tools to take control of their health and live a healthier life without the use of drugs and surgery.

A Miracle Story

Every day we see the remarkable effects of chiropractic care on patients’ health. One miracle story that comes to mind is a patient that Dr. Amy started treating shortly after she opened the practice. This patient was born with health problems and was told she may not walk, requiring several surgeries to make that possible. We worked with her for 2-3 years, and she’s now walking and has avoided several surgeries on her legs. Due to chiropractic care, she is living a fairly normal life.


Are you ready to experience better health, naturally? Contact our chiropractic care center today to book a same-day appointment. We also offer appointments on the first Saturday of every month.


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