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Events at Absolute Chiropractic + Wellness

Mom’s Natural Medicine Cabinet: Natural remedies for boosting immunity & wellness in 2020

Thu, January 16, 2020 from 8:00PM – 8:30PM

Moms – We got you!

Start the New Year by joining Dr. Amy to learn how to Kick the Sick this Year in your house.

  • Allergies
  • Colds
  • Fevers
  • Asthma
  • Sinus Infections
  • Coughs
  • Flu
  • Ear Infections
  • Chronic Congestion
  • And More!

Germs are everywhere all of the time and building our immune system is part of growing up, but it’s time to PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE and learn what Dr. Amy and Dr. Erica reach for in their own homes to help their families keep their immune systems strong and recover more quickly when they do get sick.

This is the PERFECT opportunity to get together with your mom, sister, BFF or neighbor from the comfort of your own home and build your tool kit (and your confidence!) in taking care of your family on the tough days!

Join us for this FREE Webinar on Thursday, January 16th at 8:00pm, and learn how to help your kids have the healthiest 2020!

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Triple Threat: Conquering Anxiety, Focus and Sensory Struggles

Thu, January 30, 2020 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM

**RSVP Required**

Parents – Are you tired of long days and stressful nights worrying about your child’s struggle with focus, anxiety, or sensory issues? Has this school year been a struggle for your child so far?

We understand what it’s like to know in your heart that there has to be a BETTER WAY…There must be a way to improve these daily issues naturally to ensure your child is living to their personal best!

If you are ready for a fresh perspective, new answers, and proven action steps, it’s time for you to join us for our upcoming event – Triple Threat: Conquering Anxiety, Focus & Sensory Struggles.

This FREE event will be hosted at Absolute Chiropractic + Wellness. Complimentary snacks and beverages will be served. For a combined 20 years, Dr. Erica McKinney and Dr. Amy Foerster and the rest of their team have been helping children maximize their health and minimize their challenges…and it’s time you meet us!

Parents, if you are worried about your child’s:

  • Focus
  • Attention
  • Sleep
  • Eating habits
  • Mood

— then this event is for YOU.

  • Ability to handle change or transitions
  • Ability to stay on track developmentally as compared to their peers

Dr. Erica McKinney will not only explore some of the reasons why your child may be struggling but also provide action steps you can employ IMMEDIATELY to help them thrive!

We’ll also share with you stories from other parents who were in your shoes and where they are now.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, and taking the first step towards a better tomorrow!

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Highly Meditated: Self Love for stressed-out Moms!

Sat, February 8, 2020 from 9AM – 11AM

The New Year is here….and chances are you have more “self care” on your mind for 2020.

A massage is great. A brunch is delightful. Working out more is important. But don’t you think you deserve something that will serve you longer than just a few hours of bliss?

Have you done anything to thank YOURSELF lately?

A little “treat yo’ self” for the selflessness you display all year ‘round to care for your family?

Let’s be honest — the best gift we could all give ourselves is LESS STRESS and MORE LOVE!

Although it seems a distant possibility, you CAN live each day with:

woman meditating
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  • More grace and purpose
  • Less worry and doubt
  • Increased energy, focus, and productivity
  • More fun on your busy mama days
  • Less yelling
  • More compassion

…and without some detox tea or magical smoothie being peddled on social media…

This power is already WITHIN you, just waiting to be unlocked!

Ready to join us? Grab your ticket now! Want to know more?

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Part of the reason why all the traditional self-care advice for moms doesn’t work is that even if you could figure out how to get to yoga, or get a lovely massage, YOU’RE STILL GONNA COME HOME TO ALL THE STUFF THAT STRESSES YOU OUT. It feels like you’re running a race with a finish line that doesn’t exist…

You still have only 24 hours in a day, you still need to help with homework, and you still need to respond to tantrums without losing your…stuff.

Add in fatigue, stress, and anxiety, and you’ve got an ugly combo that leads to you reaching that “boiling point” with your loved ones more often than you’d like to admit.

You need something that will help you be calm and nurtured and nourished on a daily basis.
If this has struck a chord with you, it’s time for you to meet Dr. Amy and Sara Sturge…
For over 16 years, Dr. Amy Foerster has been helping children and families, just like yours, grow and conquer the challenges of raising a modern-day family. She is a full-time doctor, wife, and Mom of two teenagers who understands the demands of “doing it all.”

Sara is a certified meditation instructor, and busy mom of two, and has a passion for helping moms and kiddos pull out the power within to adapt to stress in life!

Running on empty doesn’t work long term and we know that giving up (or taking a day off) is NOT an option

If you’re ready to make a change and ENJOY life more, join us for Highly Meditated!

This event is limited to 25 people and is sure to fill up FAST, so be sure to purchase your ticket TODAY!

You deserve these two hours for you, Mama!

See You Soon!

P.S. Yes, you can bring a friend! This is the perfect excuse for getting together with your neighbor, sister or co-worker that you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

P.P.S. If you’re a spouse to a magnificent mama, this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

FREE Webinar – Ear Infections 101: causes, prevention, natural alternatives

Wed, February 12, 2020 from 8PM – 8:30PM

Online Webinar

Has your little one had multiple ear infections, one right after the other?

Have you tried multiple antibiotics and the ear infections never goes away, or comes right back?
Sleepless nights?

Constant tugging at the ears?

As a Mom or Dad, do you feel so helpless watching your little one struggle?

Maybe your pediatrician has mentioned it’s time to start thinking about tubes? And you just don’t want to go there yet!?!

Tune in to this FREE webinar with Dr. Amy Foerster on Wednesday, February 12th at 8pm CST to find out the Top 2 Causes of Ear Infections, why your child may be more susceptible, and action steps to allow your child’s body heal itself!

Reserve your spot and we’ll e-mail you the link to the webinar 2 hours before it starts.

baby crawling on a bed
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