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Reviews for Absolute Chiropractic + Wellness

With family wellness as our main goal, we take pride in helping your family get better. We believe that healthy children make healthy adults and healthy adults make health communities. We want to help you achieve your wellness goals at Absolute Chiropractic + Wellness. Dr. Erica and Dr. Amy love helping kids and their families stay happy and healthy in the Kenosha community. Here are what some of our amazing patients are saying!


Ear Infections Reduced!

My two girls were experiencing continuous ear infections, starting when they were around the age of 6 months old. After receiving chiropractic care the number of ear infections reduced significantly. We are so happy we started chiropractic care instead of having ear tubes!



Love Chiropractic Care

I have always been a firm believer in chiropractic care as a preventative measure to help your body stay healthy. I usually have upper back discomfort due to my job, but once I got pregnant I started having lower back and pelvis discomfort as well. Chiropractic care has been a lifesaver to help keep my back in alignment pre, during, and now post pregnancy as well. These days I find myself more hunched over with breast/bottle feeding and having to carry a little human with me everywhere I go. I always look forward to my adjustments because I know that they will help alleviate the discomfort and help keep me healthy.



Gaining Strength

My seven year old daughter Madie has spina bifida, causing her to have low muscle tone in her legs and core, as well as scoliosis which affects her posture and overall comfort. Receiving regular chiropractic care and rehab on the Power Plate has greatly helped Madie. She’s gained an immense amount of strength in her legs and core and her scoliosis has remained stable!



Helped with foot/ankle issues!

My 5 year old daughter Kiley always complained of foot and ankle pain. We’ve been by other professionals and told they were just growing pains, and that she would need orthotics. We were told that she has flat feet but never really given any suggestions to make the pain go away, until we met with Dr. Amy!!! Since seeing Dr. Amy last year, Kiley no longer complains of foot and ankle pain she only complains that she’s gone too long without an adjustment!



Five Star Office!

“I just started going here and am already very impressed! Dr. Amy is very professional with such a caring bedside manner. She explains her plan of care in great detail and during procedures, she also takes the time to explain things as she goes. The facility is very comfortable and the staff is also very polite and helpful. Best Chiro in Kenosha if you ask me!”



A job well done!

“I went to Dr. Foerster with a hip problem and she diagonesed it right away. When I left after the first visit I felt much better and have continued to improve after subsequent visits. I would, and have recommended this office for fast, accurate diagnoses and treatment. The office is beautiful and the office manager, Lauren, is helpful and very interested in making sure you are well cared for. Thank you Dr. Foerster and Lauren.”

M. Geffon


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